Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is a UK-based training organisation for people aiming to become professional Equine Podiatrists.

Death of Jayne Hunt, 9th July 2023

Jayne Hunt, with Moomin

It is with very great sadness that we have to announce that one of our two founders, Jayne Hunt, has died following a traffic accident whilst riding her much-loved horse, Moomin. Jayne was a founder member of the Equine Podiatry Association in 2006, acted as the EPA’s chairperson for many years and co-founded Equine Podiatry Training Ltd in 2008.

Jayne made a massive contribution both to the creation of the profession of equine podiatrist and to the establishment of nationally recognised standards for our profession. As a tutor at EPT, she excelled at providing a supportive atmosphere for students. Her catch phrases of ‘it depends’ and ‘it’ll all be fine’ will be repeated by equine podiatrists for many years to come.

Her loss leaves a huge hole in our profession that will be hard to fill. We have not just lost a key colleague but a good friend too. We are all clear that Jayne would have wanted her work to carry on unhindered and, in that spirit, with the support of the EPA membership, EPT will regroup and continue to train the next generation of equine podiatrists.

Our thoughts are with Jayne’s family at this time.


  • 23rd January 2024. The prospectus and application form for the course intake starting September 2024 is now available here.
  • 14 July 2021: Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is now a LANTRA-recognised training provider and the Level 5 Diploma in Equine Podiatry is an accredited qualification, awarded by LANTRA Awards and regulated by OFQUAL.  This is the only nationally recognised qualification of its kind in the UK.

Please see our standards and regulation page for information on how our courses fit with the current moves towards regulation of professional barefoot trimming.