Equine Podiatry Training Ltd

Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is a training company that is run on a not-for-profit basis to provide training to those wishing to become professional Equine Podiatrists.

The company’s objectives are:

  • To qualify students with a Level 5 Diploma, awarded by LANTRA and regulated by OFQUAL. This is the only professional qualification available anywhere that meets this standard.
  • To ensure that the qualification meets the membership criteria for the Equine Podiatry Association
  • To exceed the standards laid out in the National Occupational Standard developed by the alternative hoofcare industry in conjunction with LANTRA, the Government’s Sector Skills Council for the Environmental and Land Based Sector
  • To provide the highest possible standard of education available in Equine Podiatry
  • Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is a LANTRA approved training provider

Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is registered in England and Wales, registration number: 06709106