Students Who Have Qualified

The following is a list (in chronological order with the most recent first) of students who have passed their qualifications with Equine Podiatry Training Ltd.

Full contact details of those of our ex-students who are current members of the Equine Podiatry Association (and hence are up to date with Continuing Professional Development requirements) can be found here.

29th January 2024Jenni WilsonLEV5
29th January 2024Josie WatersLEV5
15th October 2023Cara StephenLEV5
15th October 2023Emily WhelanLEV5
15th October 2023Olivia CresswellLEV5
9th October 2023Anthony McNamaraLEV5
27th July 2023Matt PurlandDEP
20th July 2023Ellen CurnowLEV5
10th October 2022Charlene BarnardLEV5
10th October 2022Naomi GarnerLEV5
8th July 2022Linda WilmerLEV5
7th July 2022Megan BirbeckLEV5
20th May 2022Charlotte MajorDEP
9th November 2021Lucy HouldeyCEP
23rd October 2021Zoe BerryDEP
19th October 2021Christian EgelerDEP
5th August 2021Melanie ClarkeDEP
15th July 2021Catherine RedwoodDEP
9th July 2021Geraldine GurneyDEP
23rd May 2021Kimberley WinterfloodDEP
11th May 2021Melanie BhavsarDEP
18th April 2021Sara LentiniDEP
9th November 2020Denise PowellDEP
31st July 2020Jane CadmanCEP
27th September 2019Sydne PruontoDEP
11th May 2019Kelly BrownDEP
25th January 2019Kirsten ZaczekDEP
27th November 2018Sally ChaplinDEP
12th November 2018Marina MackenzieDEP
22nd October 2018Dannielle MillmoreDEP
20th September 2018Madeline CousinsCEP
13th August 2018Aimee CurnowDEP
8th August 2018David BartleyDEP
3rd July 2018Danny KennedyDEP
1st March 2018Tracey PettipherDEP
16th January 2018Eve CoryDEP
16th January 2018Amy MitchellDEP
2nd January 2018Alistair TaylorDEP
27th November 2017Andrew StevensDEP
26th October 2017Emma BakerDEP
7th June 2017Cheyenne Korbutt-BrownDEP
9th May 2017Lynda RollestonDEP
16th February 2017Michaella CooperDEP
19th September 2016Carrie RolfeDEP
29th August 2016Rachel NorthDEP
2nd August 2016Natalie KitchenerDEP
24th November 2015Patryk KozubDEP
16th November 2015Elena SparshottDEP
25th September 2015Sarah LeggettDEP
2nd September 2015Jenny ParsonsDEP
18th August 2015Catherine Bradley (née Warren)DEP
28th June 2015Mark BaileyDEP
23rd January 2015Helen StowellDEP
21st September 2014Anna CurtisDEP
8th January 2014Gillian OrrDEP
29th July 2013Nicky ElliottDEP
24th July 2013Nia CookeDEP
18th June 2013Lucy HarveyDEP
18th June 2013Lisa HousdenDEP
24th December 2012Emma BurstonDEP
11th October 2012Vikki FearDEP
29th June 2012Patrick MeyerDEP
29th June 2012Jane TatesonCEP
6th January 2012Wendy CurnowDEP
11th October 2010Sally BellDEP
28th September 2010Rohan FoxDEP


  • LEV5 = Lantra Level 5 Diploma in Equine Podiatry
  • DEP = Diploma in Equine Podiatry
  • CEP = Certificate in Equine Podiatry
  • Starting with the 2019 intake of students, LEV5 is required to join the Equine Podiatry Association. For previous intakes, DEP is sufficient. The CEP qualification is not sufficient for membership of the Equine Podiatry Association.